10 Shopping Coupon Tips that could make you shop Smarter at any store

10 Shopping Coupon Tips that could make you Shop Smarter at any store
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10 Shopping Coupon Tips that could make you Shop Smarter at any store

In the days of online promotional marketing campaigns, you may be able to save a huge amount of money by making wise and optimum use of the shopping coupons. Many people do not know about coupons or understand how powerful a shopping coupon could be, they ignore the fact that most retailers offer various types of promotional offer and coupons are really the crown jewel of all saving offers. They could do well to learn how to use the shopping coupons published by manufacturers as well as retailers on a regular basis. In extreme cases, you could actually save save up to 90% on your grocery bills every time you shop if you use your coupons wisely. Below you will find some shopping coupon tips that could make you shop smarter at any retail or online store.

Collect coupons

The best way to use coupons is to collect them from every source available. You can scout for the Sunday morning newspapers. You will be able to find many coupons as either advertisements or insertions. Do not restrict to a single newspaper. Try to acquire as many as possible. You may be able to use the coupons in combinations too. You should browse the internet for coupons. You may lay your hands on printable coupons. Take printouts and keep it ready stacked up in a neat folder. Many websites allow you to sign up for daily deals. By doing so, you will be having access to a number of coupons.

Update your knowledge about coupon lingo

You have your coupons with you. Now you should understand the coupon lingo as well. You should become familiar with terms such as stackable, BOGO and so on. For the sake of clarity, we shall state that BOGO stands for ‘Buy One Get One’. There may be manufacturer coupons as well as store coupons. Many a time, you would be able to use both coupons together on the same purchase. Such coupons are the stackable coupons. Hence, it is better for you to acquaint with the coupon lingo as well as policies.

File your coupons properly

You should file these coupons in an easily accessible place. It is better if you could tag them purpose wise enabling you to take the same with you when you go out for a particular purchase. You can also stack them product wise and expiry date wise so that it becomes easier for you to use or discard the coupons later on.

Choose your stores with care

Now comes the harder part of actually putting the coupons to use. You should jump into the market armed with all your coupons. Trying out a few shops to become comfortable with the procedure is always beneficial. You should always try to befriend a couple of cashiers in the shops so that your process becomes easy. You can build relations by complimenting and smiling at them for the good work done. You should make it a point never to visit the store during weekends when there would be a heavy rush.

Be polite and courteous in your behavior with the store people

Many a time you would find that, the store cashiers do not have a full idea of the policy of their store coupons. Having one with you would never cause you any harm. In the case of a difference of opinion, you can always speak to the manager of the store with substantial proof in the form of the policy document. Maintaining politeness and courtesy can win you the day most often than not.

Give time and attention to your coupons

You will be having many coupons on your table. You should be assigning importance to the most useful ones. Hence, it is always better if you make a practice of going through your coupon file every day before going to bed. You should do this in your own interests as this chore can save you money in the end.

Make your purchases smartly

Some coupons have benefits only when you purchase the items in bulk. You should make a note of this factor. In case you purchase perishable items in bulk to avail the benefit of coupons, you should understand that it is not a smart move. At the same time, purchase of soaps and toilet paper in bulk would not be an issue for you. You can store them for long periods without fear of spoiling them.

Forget things such as brand loyalty

If your ultimate aim is to save on your grocery items using coupons, you cannot give emphasis to brand loyalty. You may find one particular brand of noodles offering discounts one week and a different the next week. If you stick to issues such as brand loyalty, you might miss the offer. Things such as noodles etc taste the same whichever brand you purchase.

The same logic appeals to store loyalty too

You should understand that today one store might be offering you discounts. Tomorrow, someone else might do so. In case, saving money with shopping coupons is your ultimate aim, you should not have a problem alternating between different stores.

Purchase items only that you will use

You should always note that you would get many coupon offers throughout the year. You may not use the product at all. Under such circumstances, it does not make sense to purchase items that you would not use. Under the pretext of using coupons to avail discounts on items you do not use, will in fact, cause extra expenditure. That would not save you any money at all. You would be better off in giving such coupons to someone else who has a use for such products. This could invite reciprocation from that person who might give you some of her coupons as well.

You have now seen the different shopping coupon tips that could enable you to save money on your grocery bills. The same applies to the online coupons. You can store the online coupons in your computer or smartphone and use them as and when you require them. Using these shopping coupon tips, one can indeed save money on their purchases. You should try it.

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