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About itsAcoupon.com itsAcoupon.com offers coupon code, promo code and free shipping discounts offered by popular retailers online. Currently itsAcoupon.com features over thousand stores and the list is growing everyday as we continue to add more stores. The site’s unique layout and easy to use navigation system offers visitors quick and accurate information in less than 3 clicks.  Each featured store is promoted on the main page as well as on their individual pages. The stores and deals are also organized in various categories, giving yet another easy option to super fast site navigation. Several RSS feeds are available, users can choose to subscribe to the main RSS feed or their favorite category feed.
itsAcoupon.com features various bookmarking tools and integration with Twitter, Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon etc directly from the site. Visitors can leave comments using the provided form or directly on their facebook wall using the facebook connect and also send email directly to their friends without the need to log in.  Registration is not required but provides improved site customization, newsletter, favorites and coupon alerts etc. All deal and coupon on itsAcoupon.com are absolutely free, and all savings are yours to keep ;-).  We spend hours every day researching, and updating the website with the latest coupons and deals. We know we have the best deals on the Net and we post coupons throughout the day as they become available. Please check back often to find the most recent deals.
Site Organization: The home page features the most recent coupons and deals posted to the site, with the latest links showing up at the very top.  Each page is organized in 3 major sections – Top, Main and Side. The “Top” section provides links to our exclusive coupons, deals, features stores, rss feed pages etc.   There is also a search box available where visitors can enter the store name or a keyword to find available coupons or deals. The “Main” section provides coupons and deals in posted order (latest first). The “Side” section provides website stats, social bookmarking options, user  registration/login, and featured most popular coupons. You will find the website design to be very easy to navigate and every deal/coupon on the site is at the most three clicks away.  All retailer coupons and deals are organized on individual pages, with store introduction, followed by list of available coupons and deals. Each coupon/deals is provided with option to email, bookmark or leave comments.
The site also offers Facebook Connect as an option for users to share the deals/coupons directly on Facebook. Several social bookmarking links are also provided for easy sharing and bookmarking.
itsAcoupon.com started as a hobby helping friends find the best deals on the internet. Most of the times we’d spend hours searching for the best deals going from website to website. Of course this was a time consuming process, but the results made it all worth the effort. It always feels great to help people.  The idea grew from helping friends and family to colleagues at work and then to a basic blog with posted deals and coupons. Most of the content on the blog came from the email requests that people sent for that special deal at a particular store. We often added deals that we stumbled upon while looking for something else 😉 The natural evolution was to setup a website and post the content there ; hence the start of this website. 
Through the past couple of years, the site has gone through major transformation to make is more user friendly with easy navigation and powerful site search. Though all this transformation may have give us a fresh new look, but our core value remains the same  – Helping people save money. Today, itsAcoupon.com offer coupons and deals for over 1,000 popular retailers. The list of our coupons and deals is growing everyday, the site is updated throughout the day to present the most recent coupons and deals. We hope you enjoy your savings at itsAcoupon.com and look forward to seeing you again in the near future.
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