Cheap Halloween costume ideas for couples and adults

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There is a myth that whenever you are buying Halloween costumes for couples, you have to shell out a lot of money. The truth is that, if you’re buying smartly, you would be able to save a lot of money and most of the times would you would be able to create your own costume yourself as well.

Below are some of the most affordable Halloween costume ideas for couples.

1. Grease couple:

This type of costume can be easily bought from the thrift store or you can even look into your closet for some of the items which you need for your costume as well.

You would need a leather jacket covered with a white T-shirt and denim jeans as well. In order to get into the character, you would need quite a large bottle of hair gel as well. You also have the option of retro outfit as well.

2. Double stuffed the oreo costume:

This costume has become pretty popular in the last few years. It signifies the importance of your other half as well. Also, the costume is pretty affordable as well. All you need to do is to just wear completely white and then you have to buy or make a round cardboard shaped circle and paint it brown to the represent the Oreo biscuit. You can attach it easily on your abdomen with the help of a belt.

This is one of the rare costumes which you can make it entirely at your home is built without having to spend any money.

3. Gumball machine costume:

This is a couples costume in which, you have to put gumballs on your T-shirt as a female and the male partner would be using a quarter big enough to be easily visually seen from far away. You can create the quarter on a cardboard quite easily.

This is another good costume which you can easily make yourself.

4. Pac man costume:

This costume imitates the famous game Pac man and you would be the main character Pac man and your partner would be the female character Pac man. It is ideal for married couples as well as couples in relationship as well.

Moreover, the T-shirt which you can wear behind the Pac man icon can be any plain T-shirt and therefore you would not have to spend a lot of money on the T-shirts as well.

5. Burglars:

This is one of the costume ideas which is pretty affordable and you would be actually having at least one stripy T-shirt and your partner would also need one striped T-shirt and a jacket over it as well.

You just have to get the bag along with the costume which has a $ sign so that you are able to get into the character.

If you want to create more curiosity, you can just use an eye mask as well. This entire costume can be created right in your home without going into any store.

For the female partners, they can use eyeliner or they can even use a lipstick as well to give their character a more realistic look.

6. Alice in Wonderland costumes:

In this, the female partner braces up the Alice in Wonderland character while the male partner dresses up as the rabbit.

If you’re like me and like the Alice in Wonderland stories, this option is perfect for you.

This option is pretty affordable as well since it is very popular among people on Halloween.

So, if you’re looking for some couple costume ideas which are affordable as well, you can easily choose between the above 6 options which we have discussed and get one for yourself.

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