How to Get Free Movie and Game Rentals? Redbox, Netflix, Fandango..

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How to get Free Movie and Game Rental?  Who doesn’t like movies or games, and what’s even better if you pay nothing for it!


In this article we’ll explore way to save money on your next rental from popular movie rental options like Redbox, Globox, Netflix, Fandango, Amazon Prime, etc. This is not a comprehensive like but you can apply the same tips and trick to other services to look for free movie or game rentals.


Redbox is a household name these days with movies and games rental kiosks all across the US & Canada.   Watching a new movie in the comfort of your home  rental is a great way to have a nice family time that’s entertaining and cheap. Movie rentals at Redbox only cost $1.5 for DVD or $2 for Blue Ray and game rental are only $1-3 per day.

Redbox Movies & Games Rental Kiosk
Redbox Movies & Games Rental Kiosk


They typically have some free movie promotion going on. You can get a free movie from Redbox when you text MOVIENIGHT to 727272, you will receive a code that a good for a FREE DVD movie rental or  use the code to get $1.50 off on a Game/Blu ray! The code is valid for one week! There are several other text codes you can try like DVDONME, DVDONUS, DVDNIGHT, MOVIE TIME, FREEBIE, REDBOX, RENTONME, BREAKROOM, etc.

Redbox Movies & Games Rental Page
Courtesy Redbox: Redbox Movies & Games Rental Page. Visit Redbox Deal Zone

If you are using a Redbox at a Walgreens location, you can use codes like “DVDATWAG”, “WALGREENS” to get a free rental. Similarly, several grocery stores also have Redbox kiosk nowadays, if you are using a Redbox kiosk at HEB, you can use “REDBOXHEB” and at Kroger, try “DVDGROG”.  We even came across a promo code “DRIVEIN” that works at Kiosks in the vicinity of a Sonic Drivein.  Redbox also has a dedicated deals page “Redbox Del Zone” on their website that lists all currently available deals from Redbox.


As the names may indicate, Globox very much like Redbox but offers foreign movie rental and is available across the US. In addition to top foreign films, Globox also offers other foreign media content through an automated kiosk platform like Redbox. Their film categories include Asian, Bollywood, Independent, Latin & Hollywood.

Globox offer top foreign films and media content

From time to time Globox offers free movie rental codes, we came across couple of free movies rental codes like GET1FREE or HORROR while doing a quick Google search for “Globox movie rental codes”. The company was acquired by Alps Innovation and is now looking to expand to offer salads, shakes and beer/wine kiosks.

Amazon Instant Video

Amazon offer movie rentals at a very reasonable rate through the Amazon Instant Video store. If you are a Amazon Prime member there are thousands of free movies and TV shows available that you can access anytime and from any device that supports it. Alternatively you can purchase  Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Fire TV stick.

Amazon Prime Instant Video
Amazon Prime Instant Video

You can also signup for the Free 30-Day Prime Membership that any one can sign up and cancel if you don’t wants to continue without paying a cent.


Fandango is a popular online store where you can find information on movie theater showtimes, watch trailers, watch reviews and even buy movie tickets online in advance. Fandango even has a Fandango Offers page dedicated on their website that lists all the current offers, sweepstakes, free movies and promotions.

Fandango Free Movie Tickets
Fandango Free Movie Tickets

For the latest Fandango coupons on the Fandango coupon/promo code page on this website to get the latest deals and offers.


Netflix is a pioneer in online movie streaming service, they offer customer a service that allows them to watch movies,TV shows online or stream right to your Smart TV via Roku, Amazon Fire, Xbox, Wii, PlayStation & many other devices.

Netflix Free Trial
Netflix Free Trial

Netflix offers a 1-month free trial Your that you can cancel anytime during the 1st month of service.  Occasionally, Netflix will send out promotions that will allow you to watch movies for free or get a free month of service when you sign-up and pay for one month.

Hulu offers a unique service where members can watch all-new TV episodes of hottest shows including drams, reality, late night sitcoms, comedies etc.  In addition, they also have a huge selection of past seasons of top TV shows and even Hulu’s original series that are exclusively available on Hulu.  Membership is only $7.99/month and as of July 2015, Hulu is now also offering SHOWTIME as an add-on for $8.99/month.

HuluPlus Free Trial
HuluPlus Free Trial

There are tons of free movies also available with you monthly Huly subscription.   From time to time Hulu offers special promotions and discounts like 7-Day Free Trial, 2-Week Free Hulu Offer or most recently the best Hulu 2-Month Free Trial Offer.  You can take advantage of these offers any day, just enter your email and provide some basic information to start your free trial.


GameFly is an online video game rental service that offers the widest selection & availability of popular games for all the major consoles like XBox, Wii, Play Station etc.  You can use the GameFly 30-Day Free Trial offer  to enjoy a month of service and pay nothing.

GameFly Free Trial
GameFly Free Trial

The GameFly website also offers a page where they list all the current GameFly promotional offers, make sure you check those out.



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