Nation celebrates Park and Recreation Month this July

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America celebrates National Park and Recreation Month in July


July, besides being America’s all-time favorite Hot Dog month, and the month when our beloved America came into being, has more to offer now! Since 1985, America has celebrated July as the nation’s official Park and Recreation Month. Kids love it and you know you do too. July is a great month for summer family fun, and has been made even better with the introduction of the program “Parks and Recreation” raising awareness about importance of parks, recreation and leisure services along with a lot of fun! The program started from Michigan and spread the word like fire. The aim is to encourage people to introduce “July is Park and Recreation Month” resolution at their City Council or Park Commission meeting.


The purpose parks have been serving since the very beginning—to serve the public, and give them a place to appreciate the beauty of nature, have some physical activity for their well being or just games, socialize, and have fun—is as essential as ever. July is that one month in summers when you and your family can get out and enjoy everything and anything that parks have to offer!


What can YOU do? The audience of the program is the entire world! You can always take help from your city council and setup a calendar for the whole month of July with recreation and leisure activities in parks. Plan seven events in a week (1 per day maybe) and repeat the same event on that fix day throughout the month. Alternatively, you can skip one day and put one event on the next day so this way you have three-four events each week.


You can kick start by choosing a specific park, really whatever tickles your fancy, set up different kiosks there and host a mini carnival with activities for both kids and adults accompanying them (Or vice versa). Because let’s be honest, it is summer and who wouldn’t want to get rid of their same old routine for some time and enjoy themselves? You can also put up small swimming pools for the kids. Additionally, activities like pool fights make the event all the more exciting.

Another interesting idea may be to conduct on-spot contests and challenges. You may even gift the winners with free passes for the following event, they are going to love it! Apart from on spot contests, in order to spread the word, you can put up an online contest of any kind emphasizing on Parks and Recreation.


And let’s not forget our darling seniors. To include them in the fun, you could plan an outdoor dinner under and provide free dinner to give them a chance to have fun and socialize.  Theme parties are a definite yes! Invite people to gather in a park, host a tea party and ask them to come up and give ideas about recreation and potential parks. Then put in the word with the City Council about the potential ideas and help them come to life. You can have a fundraising movie night or any other event you believe the people would enjoy, contribute the money for the recreation of the parks or even building new ones.

Hence in this way you could contribute to this noble cause and pave the way to the betterment of the mother earth and its inhabitants.

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