Shopping At Gap-The Smart Way; Tips & Tricks for Everyday Savings at

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Shopping At Gap-The Smart Way; Tips & Tricks for Everyday Savings at

While the Gap is known for its trendy looks and modern style, paying full price is not always an option for the budgeted consumer. That’s why I’m here to offer some tips that anyone can take advantage of to make each hard earned dollar go just that much farther at the Gap.

As with any retail store eventually all items that go unsold will be marked down. This is the budgeted shopper’s time to pounce. Remember, patience is a virtue and if you can hold out you will be in position to reap the rewards of your patience. Items can be marked down multiple times so if you are willing to wait, the prices will only get better!


Because of their target market, Gap recognizes the potential of having a presence on social media. All sorts of special deals can be found all over the social media spectrum that aren’t accessible elsewhere.

Gap offers a credit card with money saving bonuses tied to it. Speaking of bonuses, how about that fact that the Gap card is accepted at all Gap-owned subsidiaries. Think Old Navy & banana republic.

The reward program offers discounts based on how much you spend. The more you spend the more you save. GAP card holders also have access to free shipping for orders placed online. You are also entitled to a birthday gift as well, a one-time discount card.



If you catch it at the right time you will find sale items that are, wait for it….on sale! It’s sort of like a double secret sale, well without the secret part. Items that have already been marked down will go on sale again. This is the budgeted shoppers dream.You might say, “This is all great and wonderful but if I don’t know about these sales how will I take advantage?” I doubt many of us are going to make a special trip into the local GAP store once or twice a week just to check out what sales are currently running. There has to be a better way—right? Right. Aside from going in and talking to an employee once or twice a week, if you signed up for GAP’s free online membership you will receive notifications via email. As an added bonus you will also receive a free 25% off gap coupon to use on your next purchase, just for signing up! Online purchases can be returned to a local brick and mortar store no questions asked so no need for the typical worry over buying clothes online. Also, there are plenty of money saving, coupon generating, retail bargain websites available free to the public. These sites constantly offer gap coupon code or gap promo code to those motivated shoppers that are willing to take the time to browse.

With a little imagination, and perseverance, the budgeted shopper has many opportunities to stretch that dollar when shopping at the Gap.






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