Tips On How To Save Money Shopping At Target Everyday!

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Tips On How To Save Money Shopping At Target Everyday!

Being frugal is not exactly the easiest thing to do, especially when there are a lot of choices to make when shopping. It is quite easy to get carried away when shopping at Target, so keeping to a budget can be quite tough. However, there are some sure tips to saving money at Target to help you curb extreme spending habits. Target offers a number of discounts and sale options that most people do not take advantage of, or do not even know exist, so here are a few tips on things you should know when shopping at target:

Things you should know before you walk into target

  • Target Coupons are your friend: A lot of people do not take advantage of coupons when shopping. The truth is, these little pieces of paper can help to draw the line on excessive spending. You can check the Target website for coupons that are available before you go to the store. Target Coupons are available on almost everything from clothes, to office equipment and even groceries. These coupons are fun, easy to use and can help you shop on a budget. There is also a mobile coupon program that can help you use your smartphone as a means of saving money when shopping. Numerous coupons would be sent monthly with barcodes that can be easily scanned at checkout. The Target ‘Cartwheel’ is another social coupon program that helps you to select the target promo codes you need and this would be deducted from your total amount. Most deals on the cartwheel app can be used multiple times on a specific product.
  • Don’t overlook the end of the aisles: Most goods on clearance often end up at the end of each aisle at target. These areas are often called ‘end caps’ and these areas are a frugal shopper’s best friend. Try to shop around the end of each aisle and the outer perimeter of the store and you might just see amazing deals you never knew existed.
  • Be patient and wait for markdowns: Target often increases its markdowns on products when they have been in the store for a while. You can see products that had tags of 20% off with 50% off on them after waiting for a week. If you cannot exactly afford some items, be patient and there just may be a bargain for you. Don’t hold out too long, as there is also the risk of no longer seeing the items you want.

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  • Check your past Target receipts before tossing it away: Receipts may also contain coupon and most people do not know this. After paying for items, most people discard receipts without even looking at them. Be sure to take a quick look at your receipt. There may be a coupon you might have overlooked.
  • Make use of the holiday clearance sales: Shopping after large holidays like Christmas can earn you very good deals in terms of bargains. Most products go for lower prices than they would have during peak periods like Christmas or Easter. If you do not need a particular item urgently, wait a couple of weeks after the major holiday and you would get a good deal.
  • Checkout with Target REDcard: You can save 5% on all your orders if you use the popular Target REDcard. Target REDcard is an excellent loyalty program that not only offers the convenience, flexibility and security of a credit card but also rewards handsomely every time you swipe the card at Target store or online at If shopping online, shoppers using REDcards at also qualify for free shipping every day and an additional 30 days for returns.
  • Don’t overlook the Target weekly promotions: Like any other retailer, Target also offers new and exciting promotions every week on hundreds of in-store items or online products. These deals are usually available in various categories offered at a significantly low price in the form of dollars off or percent off.
  • Brand Savings & Free Gift Card Offers: Often manufactures offer this free dollar value gift cards when you purchase a certain number of items produced by them. Target features these offers as “Free Gift Card Offers” e.g. Free $5 gift card when you purchase 3 items from top brands like General Mills, P&G, Clorox, etc. These are excellent values and shoppers can mix and match items to fit their need and get free money.
  • Who doesn’t like Target BOGO Offer: Target BOGO offers are one of the best value offers out there. Target BOGO offers could range in value, some example are “buy 1 get 1 free”, “buy 2 get 1 free” or “buy 2 get 3rd item 50% off” etc. Shoppers typically don’t need a coupon or show a special offer to get these discounts, they are offered directly at the checkout.

Knowing just how to shop at target can get you really good deals if you are looking out for a bargain. Keep a couple of these tips in mind when next you go shopping and you would be sure to walk out of the store with the smile on your face.

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