Use a store coupon to save money on Walmart

Use Walmart Coupons to Save Money

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Money Saving Walmart Coupons

This is a competitive market out there. There are hundreds of options available for the customer today. If the particular item is not available at one shop, there are many waiting in the queue to offer the same services. Under such circumstances, you have to use innovative techniques to attract customers. One such popular technique used by shops such as Walmart is the issuance of a store coupon to its customers. The customer can exchange this coupon for fabulous discounts at the store.

The coupon concept:

In very simple terms, a store coupon is a form of a ticket issued by a particular store as a marketing initiative. You would be able to exchange the coupon for goods or merchandise. You can also avail discounts on the sales.

Who issues the Walmart coupons?

Usually, the manufacturer of the product issues the coupon. When used in the context of retail sales, you can safely say that the retailer issues the coupon to its customers. They do so by a variety of means. Some of the means if distributing these coupons are as follows.

  • By hand delivery: The retailer may issue the coupons personally to its customers when they come to the shop for their purchases.
  • By mails: They can even post their coupons to their customers at their registered addresses.
  • By inserting inside newspapers: This is a wholesale method of distributing the store coupon. They place the coupon inside the daily newspaper before distribution of the same. In this method, the coupon reaches the hands of people who are not the store’s customers too. This is one way of marketing to attract new customers.
  • By inserting advertisements: This is also a popular method of distributing coupons. You would be able to attract new potential customers into your fold.
  • Online coupons: This is the new method in vogue today. The customer will have to make the purchase online where the system will prompt him for entering the coupon code. On entering the code, the retailer automatically extends the discount by reducing the amount of payment. This is a popular method today.rollbacks and clearance at walmart

How do you use the coupon?

This depends on the type of store coupon at your disposal. In case you have a physical coupon, you would have to present the same at the store for claiming your rebates and discounts. In case you have an online coupon, you can exchange the same at the online store during checkout after making the purchase.

The store coupon issued by

Walmart, as part of its promotional activities, issues such coupons to its customers. Since is the online store of the Walmart brands and since this coupon is for online discount, you will have to redeem them online. They issue these coupons as promotional codes. You have to enter these codes at the requisite place while completing the purchase transaction online. You will have to pay a reduced price for the product.

Do the coupons have a validity period?

Usually, the store coupon has a fixed validity period. You have to redeem the coupon on or before the date mentioned on the coupon after which the coupon would be invalid. Walmart also issues its online coupons with a validity date. However, some coupons do not have any validity period. They refer to these coupons as non-expiring on-going coupons.

There are many advantages to both the retailer as well as the customer. We shall see the benefits to both the parties.

  • Advantages to the customer:VUDU Stick plus $25 bonus
    • He can avail the product at a good discount.
    • He can also avail the other offers mentioned in the coupon later.
    • Many Walmart coupons offer free shipping of the merchandize as well.
    • Some of the Walmart coupons have multiple uses. You can use them on a range of products as mentioned in the coupon.
    • Sometimes, you find Walmart offering special links for mail-in rebates or even gift cards.
    • You would be able to stack some Walmart coupons. You have to ensure before stacking them about this facility.
    • Some Walmart coupons are available forever. They may not be any validity date for the expiry of such coupons.


  • Advantages to Walmart:
    • The store coupon ensures a loyal clientele. This is a good way of retaining the existing customer. In today’s competitive world, retaining a customer is as good as procuring two new customers.
    • Walmart can increase the percentage of sales by issuing rebates and discounts to its customers.

Items for which you get coupons at Walmart:

You would be able to use these coupons over a range of products. Usually, the categories allowing the use of these coupons are the books, sports goods, CDs and DVDs, apparels, and shoes, etc. You may also be able to use the coupons on health and personal care items.

Sometimes, Walmart comes up with unique sales ideas such as ‘Deal of the day at Walmart’ and so on. You may be able to use the coupon at such sales campaigns. You can also present these coupons to your loved ones on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and so on.

walmart savings centerTips for using the Walmart coupons

We wish to share some tips regarding the use of the coupons at online stores such as Walmart.

  • You should read the fine print perfectly. There may be certain terms and conditions that could make you ineligible to claim the benefits of the coupon.
  • There may be some restrictions on the usage of the coupon.
  • Some coupons may have a ceiling on the amounts. You have to be careful while using such coupons. Making wise use of the coupons is better than using them recklessly.
  • Some Walmart.con coupons are stack-able. You should make a note of this fact while using them.
  • You can use certain coupons for multiple numbers of times. You should know these aspects.

Issuing store coupons have become a sort of a popular marketing campaign in today’s competitive environment. You should be taking advantage of these coupons and save valuable money on your purchases at Walmart (

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