What Day to Shop? Best insider Tips on Store Markdowns

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Does it really matter when you actually shop at a store? Experts say it does as most stores go through a refresh cycle every couple of days or atleast once a week to inventory, re-stage and shuffle things around.  This also means getting in the new inventory items and moving the stagnant items to a sale racks to get them moving faster.

Here are some quick dirty secrets about some popular store chains highlighting which days are the best to shop:

– Tuesday

This is when they either add items to the clearance section or further reduce stuff already in the clearance section. Shop on Tuesdays and you’ll have the first dibs on newly marked-down merchandise.

– Thursday

Weekly markdowns are done on Thursdays at Babies R Us which makes its a perfect day to shop bargain deals at Babies R Us. Don’t forget to bring your printable Babies R Us coupon along for some extra savings.

– Wednesday

Unless you are shopping Best Buy deals advertised on the Sunday paper, shopping on Wednesday is a great day to shop as Best Buy adjust prices mid-week to match similar competitor offers.

– Monday

Most CVS stores start their markdown process usually as early as Sunday evenings, so get an early start on savings when you shop at CVS on Monday.

– Monday

We have learned that Gap does their markdowns on Monday every other week. A good indication of wheather you are getting a great deal at Gap any day is to check the cents value, if the item is $7.97  or $20.97 0r  $39.97, … $X.97, you guessed it, you are getting the cheapest price for that item.

– Friday

Store mark-downs typically happen every odd  Friday of the month, so 1st, 3rd, 5th. JCPenney has been know to drop prices as much at uo to 75-90% off the original JCPenney price if you happened to grab the deal at the right time. Don’t forget to bring your printable JCPenney coupons along for some extra savings.

– Monday

JoAnn has been known to mark things down on Sunday evenings, making Monday a great day to shop as the stores are less crowded and you have plenty of time to browse and find the best deals. Don’t forget to bring your printable 30%-40% off item JoAnn coupons from the Sunday Paper along for some extra savings.

– Saturday

We have learned that Kohl’s mark down happens twice a month on even Saturday, so the best day to shop would be the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. Don’t forget to bring your valid printable 30%-40% off item Kohl’s coupons from the previous Sunday Paper along for some extra savings.

– Tuesday

Macy’s runs their sales and in-store markdowns on Sunday and Monday, that makes shopping on a Tuesday the best day to shop at Macy’s to get the best deal. Printable coupons could still work and may be used in conjunction with other sales/markdown items if allowed.

– Wednesday

Marshalls marks down their inventory every Wednesday, though it may vary by store.

– Wednesday

Old Navy employes do the markdowns and add new inventory to the clearance rack after they close for the day on Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, making Wednesday afternoon the best day to shop at Old Navy.

– Monday

Shop clearance items every Monday at Ross, they seem to restock on Sunday moving items to clearance rack and making room for new inventory to display.

– Wednesday

Best day to shop at Whole Foods store is Wednesday. This is true for most grocery stores who start their weekly sales in preparation for the weekend.  Wednesday night is the best time to shop for groceries, the stores are least crowded and have can get great deals of recent markdown items.

January and May are great months for shopping since that’s when stores often have their biggest clearance sales events.  A general rule of thumb is to wait six to eight weeks before a clothing item first appeared on the store front. If you’re looking for the best price on a particular, mark your calender and try it in six to get the best price.

Its a well known fact that Tuesday is a “slow day” for most retailers and they tend to take time and advertise sales/markdowns on Tuesdays. But no matter when you decide to go shopping, always consider the fact that if you can’t find the advertized mark down item, you can’t get the deal.  So shop early in the day when its less crowded when you have time to go through the items on sale and pick the best bargain for your money.

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